What's New?

Friday, February 14
I finally have uploaded the pictures that I scanned from 10/03/02 from Club Cafe Live! (Of course though, I still have the digital ones to upload) Enjoy! There are 40 pics! Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, October 27
All of the pictures from the first day are now up! I also put up all of the ones from 8/16/02. I still have the 100+ from Club Cafe Live to put up yet. I'm getting there!

Saturday, October 19
I finally have an update! Sorry for the delay. I put the pictures in order and added a few. I only have a few from that day from my digital camera to put up yet. However, I still have tons of pictures to put up from the second time I saw her at Cyber Tunes Cafe, plus over 100 pics (regular plus digital) from Club Cafe Live (10/3/02)! Some are out of focus, but I'm going to fix as many as I can. The main problem is the color because of the lighting. Keep checking back for these updates!

Saturday, August 17
Well the first update I should mention is obviously this website. I hope you like it!

In the following days look for information about my experiences meeting Bree Sharp, including pictures.